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Helping Plan MLM Software

What is Helping Plan MLM?

In the literal meaning of the name, the Helping Plan is about helping other networkers like giving them a gift or donation. The Helping Plan which is also known as Gift or Donation Plan is commonly practiced in various MLM software companies. Helping/ Donation/ Gift MLM Plan is the gifting technique utilized for crowdfunding, gift programs, and so on and it is the most straightforward MLM idea in the Network Marketing Industry. It encourages each MLM association to fire up and prevail in their business.

Helping plan mlm one of the popular plans available in the MLM industry. But more often than not the Helping Plan is considered as a scheme to help others than an MLM plan.

What is MLM Helping Plan
MLM Helping Plan Software

What is Helping Plan MLM Software?

Giving help and getting help is the basic concept of Helping Plan MLM software. Some organization strategies for success may enable you to gain Pair bonus based on the points you have earned. The popularity network marketing has is used to garner and attract a wide number of member base. Almost all organizations that offer gift plan offers good compensations to enhance the popularity of the helping plan mlm systems. But there are certain criteria to be met. These criteria differ from company to company. Some companies might put a benchmark on the sending and receiving of grants. These limits can be increased by buying higher membership packages.

How does Helping Plan MLM Software Work?

The networkers who joined the Helping plan have been largely benefitted in terms of earning huge profits in a comparatively short span. Typically, the MLM Helping Plan or the MLM Gift Plan means, when the networker helps another networker and gets multiple help from others in return.

This arrangement is otherwise called Donation Plan or helping design MLM. Help design MLM is a variety of money gifting. Here, a man gets the favorable position by Gifting or Donating to others. Essentially this is a sort of "give and take" idea.

The helping plan or blessing organizer is otherwise called money arrange design. Actually, this is not a Multi-Level Marketing concept. The fundamental idea is to send a blessing to one part and get different endowments from numerous different individuals. So every part will be profited with various blessing receipts from different individuals. Individuals will store or help straightforwardly to different individuals as the framework appears. The organization can charge a sum for the administrative costs and for the enrollment charges. Helping Plan MLM can be at numerous levels.

Zewaa Infotech is that MLM software company that has a team who has an expertise in designing and developing such MLM Helping Plan Software. The Zewaa Infotech' Helping Plan MLM Software is packed with various features like generating auto or manual reports, uploading receipts, etc.

Working of MLM Helping Plan

Compensations in Helping Plan MLM Software

The compensation is the return you receive on the MLM plan you choose. Every organization has different compensations based on the policies and the area of operation. Zewaa Infotech being one of the leading names in the MLM business, we have a range of compensation chalked out for the investors. The remunerations can be enabled or disabled at whatever point required. Our Helping Plan MLM software is exceptionally configurable and adaptable to cover every one of the proposals of all kind associations.

MLM Helping Plan Services

Give Help & Get Help

It is one of the most important compensations of the Helping MLM Plan. The Helping Plan design is for the most part in view of this two activities: Offering help to other benefactors and getting help from other members. Giving and Getting help are based on certain rules. These guidelines are configurable in the back office programming. These rules are characterized by the organization itself.

The benefactor can accept the amount of the donation based on the enroller's package or the amount capped. This package can be revised by the enroller based on his requirements which is again based on the rank of the enroller or the limit set by the organization itself.

Introducer Bonuses

When a new member is introduced in the system, the introducer receives the introducer bonus. This introducer bonus is based on the introducer bonus limit that a company defines. The introducer bonus limit may be defined by the rank, enrolled package or the enrollee packages.

The Sponsor Bonus is introduced to propel the existing clients to get all the more new individuals to the framework. The sponsor bonus is boundless and whenever they present new participant they get paid.

Zewaa Infotech being a forerunner in MLM software offers flexibility. The business owners can handle and take control of all these compensations.

MLM Helping plan Introducer Bonuses
MLM Helping Plan Advancement Bonuses

Stage Advancement Bonuses

Only when the user is eligible to advance to the next level, this commission or bonus is offered by the Gift plan organization. For a user to qualify to the next level he needs to earn bonus and this bonus is fixed by the MLM company.

Features of Helping Plan MLM Software

Following are the features of MLM Helping Plan software that makes is one must have MLM software.

  • Donor Management
  • Help History
  • Provide Help Process
  • Get Help Process
  • Manage Storage Fund
  • Manage One To Many; Many To One Requests
  • Fund Request
  • Wallet Statement
  • Manage Bonus
  • Bank Receipt Upload Facility
  • Manage Help Link
  • Single Or Multiple Commitment Amount
  • Manage Storage Fund
  • Secure E-Wallet
  • Referral Structure
  • Chat Option Between getting Help And Provide Help
  • Manage Help Link Automatic or Manual
  • Growth Statement
  • Bank Receipt upload facility
  • Payout Statement MLM Report Generation
  • View at A Glance (All Input/ Output Details)


MLM Helping Plan has an array of advantages and is immensely popular in India and other Asian countries.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Web-Based Application
  • Accuracy & Consistency
  • 100% Cost-Effective
Advantages Of Helping Plan MLM Software

Software Rating

The Zewaa Infotech MLM software is a unique experience to have. Try the Zewaa Infotech, Helping Plan MLM Software and understand it for yourself as to how useful it will be for your MLM business.

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